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     The famous DOGGIE DINER restaurant chain was founded in 1948.  For almost 40 years it was a regular experience for thousands of Northern California residents.  Everyone loved the delicious hot dogs, hamburgers, pastrami sandwiches, crisp fries and creamy milk shakes.  Unfortunately, the last DOGGIE DINER customer was served in 1986.

   Fond memories of past DOGGIE DINER visits, still resonate throughout the Bay Area.  In fact, San Francisco's last remaining DOGGIE HEAD mascot sign has been declared an official historical landmark #254.

     On April 19, 2015, The San Francisco Chronicle wrote in a special feature article, "The DOGGIE DINER is one of the five restaurants we wish still existed".  

    The DOGGIE DINER is coming back.  DOGGIE DINER  Napa Valley will be a "recreation" of the past, infused with the nostalgic charm of the 1940s through the 1960s.  We will be featuring a genuine, long lost DOGGIE HEAD sign that will be upon his pole, greeting everyone who passes by.  Don't forget your camera, Dooger Dog loves selfies!



Better come hungry - because we are going to have the most delicious hot dogs in California!

DOGGIE DINER Dogs will be made from premium quality, choice cut, 100% beef and a secret recipe of spices and herbs.  We will never use any fillers or artificial flavors here!   

Also expect our pastrami sandwiches, grilled cheese melts, fries, shakes and fresh squeezed lemonade to become your favorites too.   And if you love ice cream get ready for the creamiest treats around!  

See you soon -