DOGGIE DINER Napa Valley is being created by a team of respected local businessmen - Kip Atchley, Brad Terrill and Michael Powers.

     Our company was formed with the mission to "recreate" the much-beloved DOGGIE DINER restaurant founded in 1948 and closed in 1986.

     The DOGGIE DINER is a part of American history.  It was born at a time of innocence and simple living.  The food was fresh and good, not full of chemicals and preservatives.

     The giant whimsical DOGGIE HEAD mascot sign is Americana marketing at its peak! Every day the DOGGIE would smile at everyone who passed by.  Who could resist the Doggie!

     Our goal is to start with what the DOGGIE DINER was and build what the DOGGIE DINER can be.

     Our passion is excellence!  We envision a restaurant where delicious food and a fun nostalgic environment will delight our guests. Of course, Doggie's friendly attentive staff will make sure everything is perfect too.      


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